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Walter Krummenacher


Marcel Schubiger


Claudio Willi

Swiss start-up Polarmond®, based in Wil, was founded in December 2011 by Walter Krummenacher and Marcel Schubiger. The company develops, produces and markets the world’s first self-warming and temperature controllable sleep shells, bivouacs and tents with dehumidification management.



  • Maximum customer satisfaction – with our Next- Generation Outdoor-Products. Meet the needs of customers through product innovation, that supersedes conventional products.
  • Fair, reliable and responsible – to our manufacturers/suppliers, distributors, investors and development partners.
  • Environmental friendly – by efficiently using resource and energy. Materials are recycled or reused at the end of product life.
  • 100 % animal welfare – we use mainly synthetic fibers for manufacturing our products. No use of down from live-plucking.



Their original aim was to help refugees and the homeless, by designing shelters to protect them from cold or freezing to death. This led to the development of the world’s first ever self-warming and temperature regulating ALL-IN-ONE sleep system, which in a first step, is aimed at the outdoor market. The patented and modular sleep system will be launched in 2016. Product development is part funded by the Swiss Confederation’s Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI).

«My expectations for the sleep system were high and wasn't dissapointed.» Tobias Ryser, Photographer