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Far removed from the civilisation travelling with the dogs, the sled and the Polarmond sleep system. Whoever embarks on a trip into wintry and pristine nature needs reliable equipment which protects one from the Arctic cold, can be quickly set up and can be easily fastened to the sled. 

The modular all-in-one sleep system from Polarmond supplies the perfect companion for short trips and expeditions by dog sled. The modules–outer shell, liner and thermal mat–are perfectly coordinated with each other and optimally cover the requirements for outdoor sleep. 


The all-in-one tent is your perfect companion for multi-day dog-sledding expeditions. It covers the entire temperature range from -30°C to +25°C and keeps the sleeping area constantly warm thanks to the temperature regulation. In addition, owing to the dehumidification management, the insulating effect remains constantly high in the sleeping area even for several days and weeks. The tent module offers you suitable space for large equipment. It enables one to sit and cook in an upright, air-cushioned position. 

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All-In-One Zelt.png

Weight-optimised, weather-protected sleep system for short trips or for use in high camp. Consisting of a sleeping shell and bivouac module. It can be used from -30°C to +25°C and offers you sleeping comfort like at home. Thus, you will be able to count on your maximum performance the next day because sufficient sleep has an enormous influence on your performance. 
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Thanks to the modular structure, you can also use only the centrepiece of the Polarmond sleep system, the all-in-one sleeping shell, and observe the northern lights or the sea of stars right until you fall asleep. 
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