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Snow-kiting creates health risks. Thus, it is more important than ever to have safe and top-class overnight equipment. Precisely for multi-day expeditions or races, you want to be able to recover quickly and, even when confronted with large temperature fluctuations, to always be able to use the right equipment.


The modular all-in-one sleep system from Polarmond supplies the perfect companion in this regard. In contrast to conventional equipment, the modules of the Polarmond sleep system–outer shell, liner and thermal mat– are perfectly coordinated with each other and cover the important requirements. Thus, for example, the temperature regulation–which ensures a constantly warm sleeping area temperature–even in outdoor temperatures from -30°C to +25°C. 

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The all-in-one tent is your perfect companion for multi-day expeditions or races with the kite. The insulating effect of the impermeably-designed sleeping area remains constantly high even for days and weeks because the body’s moisture cannot penetrate the insulation. Thus, our dehumidification management will help you to obtain sleeping comfort which is constant and dry. In addition, the tent module offers you sufficient space for large equipment as well as enables one to sit and cook in an upright and air-cushioned position.

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Weight-optimised, weather-protected all-in-one bivouac for short kite trips. Consisting of a sleeping shell and a bivouac module. It can be used from -30°C to +25°C and offers you sleeping comfort like at home. Thus, you can count on your maximum performance the next day because sufficient sleep has an enormous influence on your performance. 
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